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Hello World Birth Support

Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Services.


[email protected]


I’m Jade, and would love to join you on your journey of pregnancy and birth. I am a mum to 4 girls, aged between 4 months and 7 years old.

I am passionate about birth and empowering women. I chose a different career pathway in my younger years, but in 2015, I decided to begin my lifelong dream of becoming a midwife, and enrolled in a nursing degree at Western Sydney University, where I am currently attending as a part time student.

I knew that the journey to becoming a midwife was a long and hard one, so I decided that in line with my passion, I would become a doula, to help support women giving birth in a non-medical way. I was formally educated and became a fully certified doula (CD) towards the end of 2016. I have attended a range of births from natural, to induced labour and emergency caesarians and every birth has been a great privilege and rewarding experience.

I have a special desire to support mothers who may have experienced loss and find the journey of pregnancy and birth an anxious and challenging time. As a bereaved mother myself, I found having a special birth support person (in my case a midwife friend) who knew and understood my journey really well, made my pregnancies and birth after loss much less overwhelming. I also offer pro bono services to mothers facing a still birth or perinatal loss who would like the additional support of a caring professional during their birth. Please contact me directly at any time day/night/last minute on 0433552210.

In my experience, we best give birth in an environment that is safe, warm and comforting, surrounded by trust and love; and attended by kind and skilled caregivers. I encourage women and their families by understanding their individual needs and then providing just what they want with physical and emotional support. I am there for pregnancy, labour and birth, and postnatally to help with the new baby. Coming alongside to help re-assure, support and understand is an integral part of a doulas work and I know that I will have the experience and skills to help you navigate this journey.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at anytime, I'm more than happy to ask any questions you may have.


[email protected]