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Hello World Birth Support

Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Services.


[email protected]

I am here to serve your family at NO cost during these darkest days. Please contact us any time, day or night, to access this doula service.

There are many times, pregnancy will progress normally and a healthy mother and baby will be the end result. There are some times, however, when a child is lost through miscarriage or born sleeping. There are also times during pregnancy when parents may learn their child has a condition that is incompatible with life, these parents don’t expect that their precious one will survive for long after being born. When these difficult situations occur, the grieving parents require the most compassionate guidance available to walk them through, help guide them in a way that their loved one can be remembered a life time, and have a peaceful beginning and farewell. As a Bereavement Doula, I come to the hospital or home to support parents and their families and will continue to work with them for weeks and months following their loss.

When should I contact a Birth and Bereavement Doula?

Ideally, as soon as a loss or need for medical termination is identified, a Birth and Bereavement Doula should be contacted. This allows for maximum support in decision-making. However, there is not really a time that is too late, even if you have already delivered your baby

Services Include:

Communication between hospital/funeral homeReferrals to grief counselingPhysical/Emotional & Informational Assistance to family in the home or hospitalGentle suggestions to help the family process the loss including mementos and meaningful ceremonies to say goodbye.Photos as requested, and/or referrals and contact made to ‘Heartfelt’ a photography resource for pregnancy loss clients.Personalized Birth StoryPostpartum Support

Late or Delayed Passing

There are times when a mother can experience a perfect and wonderful birth, but when they get home and settled with their babies, babies can be lost at any age. There are many situations that may happen during these times and yet we are still here for you to help. We stand by you in these hard days and help you plan, cope, explain to family members and siblings, and on top of everything we help you heal.

Services Include:

Communication between hospital/funeral home

Referrals to grief counseling

Physical/Emotional & Informational assistance to family in the home

Gentle suggestions to help the family process the loss including mementos and meaningful ceremonies to say goodbye.

Massage for the parents​